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"The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do"


— Andy Warhol 


Hi, I have a small portrait studio in Lochgilphead, Argyll. I studied graphic design and photography and spent most of my career as a graphic designer. In the last 10 years I've enjoyed retraining to be a portrait photographer.


I especially like photographing people and enjoy making memories and family heirlooms that will last a lifetime.  I’m always delighted when families entrust me to create their new portraits, or when I'm asked to help choose outfits for a new personal branding image for your work and social media pages.

My passion is more than just “photography” .… it’s a desire to capture your magical memories, fleeting moments and special milestones in your families’ lives so that you can treasure them forever. 

You might be thinking that you are not photogenic or that you hate having your photo taken – I promise you that my photo shoots are relaxed and fun, and It’s an experience that you will enjoy.

Come and experience what it feels like to be photographed for a solo portrait, or with your brand new wee bundle of joy and the people you love dearly.

Verina Litster Photography
BRONZE - TPM 2021 Image Award Distinction (blk).png

If you would like to book a photo session with me or you simply have more questions please fill in the form or reach out using the contact information provided below.

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Verina Litster Photography
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